processing of metal

Silver Tre is an handcraft company, dynamic and skilled that goes on the ancient tradition of handmade in metal.
In its workshop the experience, the manual skill and the ability to find different solutions, allows to the artisans to deal the more different artistic realizations like set designs for theatre, advertising and special happenings, sculptures, design and furniture object, sacred furnishing like tabernacles, baptismal fonts, panels, ostensories.

A special section of Silver Tre is dedicated to Middle East market where the company has an highest appreciation in realizing products for house and for happenings.

The headquarters of workshop Silver Tre is situated in Tortona street, area already well-known in Milan to be the center of Fuori Salone, that from many years, acts as a springboard for the worldwide design.

Every professional that has in project to realize a metal object (brass, copper, iron, aluminium, silver, …) could find in the workshop Silver Tre an high quality manpower and a perfect atmosphere to see transformed his idea in reality.

The company is managed by Traviganti brothers that pursue with passion and innovation the handwork of their father Riccardo Traviganti and their mother Antonina Bentivegna, big artists and artisans since 1956.